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 The "I AM INDY" campaign was a project of  Visit Indy , Indianapolis' tourism bureau, with  Indianapolis Cultural Trail, Inc. , the entity that operates, maintains, and markets the Cultural Trail. According to Visit Indy, 62% of the 26 million people who visit Indy each year come to see family and friends. Therefore, the goal of the project was to engage residents to ask them to be humbly boastful about the city and invite family and friends to visit. We wanted Indy residents to be stronger Indy ambassadors.  Art Strategies was hired to help the partners craft a project plan where people became the "I" in Indy and shared their images and feeling about Indianapolis on social media platforms.   Learn more about the project by clicking  here .  NUVO named this the best new public art project in Indy in 2015. Read more by clicking  here .
George Rickey: An Evolution, 2009
Tom Otterness in Indianapolis, 2005